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Kuchi Jewelry

Kuchi Jewelry is made by Middle Eastern tribal craftspersons who have a knack for the bold and the beautiful! Kuchi isn't a term that refers to any one tribe, but a term used to describe any tribal person who is nomadic and travels like a gypsy in the Middle East. The metal pieces are generally made of gillet, which is a mixture of base metals. They are often accented with Lapis (The best grade in the world comes from the Afghanistan/Pakistan area) and glass. Many designs feature vintage coins as a base or as dangling accents.

These are staple pieces for the Tribal or fusion dancer. The textiles used in some of the pieces are exquisite in their quality and craftsmanship. Crytstal Kini Designs carries both vintage and new Kuchi items... See the descriptions for more details about specific items.

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