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Clippy Bits

Clippy Bits Can Clip Directly to a Ponytail

Clippy Bits™ clip just about anywhere!

Crystal Kini is proud to be known by many now as "The Clippy Bit Lady"!   It seems that people are as excited as Crystal about this exclusive costume creation for Tribal, ATS, and Tribal Fusion belly dancers- and anyone else too! "Clippy Bits" are interchangeable jewelry items perfect for providing that funky, dangly, layered look! Clippy Bits™ have a clip at the top that will attach onto all of Crystal Kini Designs Hair Sticks, Headbands, Cowry Hair Falls and Dreadlocks. They can easily be clipped to cell phone lanyards, hair clips, necklaces, belts, bras, belly button rings, hoop earrings, thin ponytail holders, zippers - you get the idea. Many of them also clip to other Clippy Bits™ so you can add length to them! Clip a few to the same ring for a chunky layered look. Clippy Bits™ are delightful, decorative dangles for everyone!

Crystal explains, "Since many of the beautiful accessory charms and accents that I found were one of a kind, I didn't want to commit to having them 'stuck' to one costume piece...and that's how Clippy Bits™ were born. Other people liked the idea too - so I just had to start making them for others!"

One of my best Clippy Bit™ customers states that she works in a very conservative environment and she wears her hair sticks with Clippy Bits to work often because it's one of the few ways she can express herself without making waves!  "Clippy Bits™ and shoes- that's all they'll tolerate", she says.

Note: Clippy Bits™ are designed with unique findings. Hence, limited quantities (sometimes only 1 or 2) of each style are usually available. If you see a style you like, order while they are still available. Check back often for the latest unique pieces.

The Clippy Bits™ line of products has expanded... now you can choose from the Original Clippy Bits™, Clippy Bits Too!™...bigger than the originals, and Clippy Bit Mini's™... for that little touch of uniqueness!

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