Hipnosis Belly Jam: April 24, 2010

Check out fun pictures from the latest Hipnosis Belly Jam. More great dancers than you can shake a hip (or belly) at and Onca, the Hardest Working Woman in Show Business, was the featured celebrity guest.

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Hipnosis Starts the ShowRaise Your Hand if You're Sure

The hosting ladies of Hipnosis started the show with a spectacular performance (as always).

Brenda Shows Precision and Balance with 2 SwordsBrenda, Queen of SwordsKarim Nagi Drums and DancesAlia Shows How It's Done

Brenda showed no fear, performing with, not one, but TWO big swords. Later in the show, special guest Karim Nagi presented a lively drum, zil, and dance number from his latest CD and Alia entertained the crowd.

Daughters of the Hip in Action

Daughters of the Hip swung into action with a fun performance.

Wild Gypsy Fire Burns Up the StageAlexia and Troupe Fuse Different Musical Elements for a Great Show

Wild Gypsy Fire (left) combine great costumes with great music and dance. At right, Alexia's Groove Merchant Drum & Dance Ensemble fused a variety of musical influences into an excellent performance.

Barajagala Tribal Adds ATS ColorBarajagala Tribal

Barajagala Tribal shimmied colorful skirts in a skillful and enjoyable ATS performance.

Jenna's New Student TroupeMirjana of Sand Shimmers Shakes Things UpTribal Spirit Dances

More entertaining dance from Jenna and her students, Mirjana of Sand Shimmers, and Tribal Spirit

Onca Leans InOnca Shows Floor Work Style--with FansOnca Reaches for the Stars

To end the show, Special Guest Onca displayed why she is the "Hardest Working Woman in Show Business."

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