Here are some submitted photos of Crystal Kini Designs customers. Check out how they've integrated Crystal Kini Designs items into their own unique and stylish bellydance costume finery.

One-of-a-Kind Headband and Clippy Bit Extenders

Above, Brittany is wearing a one-of-a-kind Crystal Kini Designs headband which features cowry and coconut shells.  Cowry Clippy Bit extenders are attached to the headband and pinned into her hair for a lovely drape effect. (Click to enlarge)

Alison with Custom Cowry Shell Hair FallsAlison with Custom Cowry Shell Hair FallsAlison with Custom Cowry Shell Hair Falls

Above, Bellydancer Alison sports a Custom Cowry Hair Fall (Click images to view larger).

Vikki with Headband and Cowry FallsGabrielle with Clippy Bits and Belt (Worn as Necklace)

From the April 2009 Hipnosis Belly Jam. At left, Vikki of Hipnosis models new a new Headband and Cowry Falls. At right, Gabrielle of Daughters of the Hip shows off a Crystal Kini belt creatively worn as a necklace with a Clippy Bit™ centerpiece, and Cowry Clippy Bits™ in her hair. (Click images to enlarge).

Vanessa with Cowry Hair Falls on Her Belt

Vanessa of Yosha Radha of Westminster, MD, models her new Crystal Kini Cowry Hair Falls in the alternative, yet still very stylish, location on her belt. Cowry falls work great anywhere on your costume! Vanessa tells Crystal, "Thanks again for your lovely work - I love the falls even more, and they give such great dimension to my costuming!  I really can't say enough good things about you.  You raq!!"

Jenna of Hipnosis with Custom Corwy Falls and MoreLisa and Crystal Kini Show Off the Goods

At left, Jenna of Hipnosis swings her custom Crystal Kini Cowry Hair Falls during a performance. At right, Lisa and Crystal model a variety of Crystal Kini Designs, including Cowry Falls and Clippy Bits.

Janet and Val of the Mirage Trio Model their New Custom Cowry Shell Hair Falls

Janet and Val, 2/3 of Maryland's Mirage Trio, show off their new custom-crafted Cowry Hair Falls, an important part of their tribal tresses. The ladies say they "love" Crystal's work.

Michelle Shows Off Her Kuchi Jewelry Tasnim Wears Cowry Falls Her Own Way

Above left, Michelle shows off a Kuchi Belt and Kuchi Necklace from Crystal Kini Designs at the NJ Fantasy Faire, 2007. At right, Tasnim shows an alternate use for Cowry Hair Falls with them dangling from her belt at Spring Caravan 2007.

Diana Swings Her Custom COwry Fall CreationsMahira with Custom Cowry Falls

Above left, Diana of Vesperus sports a custom-designed set of Crystal Kini Cowry Hair Falls while performing at the Fig Cafe. Above right, Mahira adds a set of Custom Cowry Falls to a stunning hairstyle.

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