Hair Falls in Action with FrankieCrystal Kini is proud to present Cowry Shell Hair Falls, the latest addition to her line of stylish costume accessories for bellydancers. These Hair Falls are perfect for Tribal-style, ATS, Gothic, and Tribal Fusion bellydancers looking for a great-looking, handcrafted accent to your Tribal costume. These versatile Hair Falls can be worn in your hair (naturally), on your belt, or on choli ties.

Hair Falls in Action with DianaHair Falls can be custom-made to the desired size with your choice of colors and accents. Accent choices include glass, metal, and wood beads, bitty bells, small, large, and beaded tassels, peacock feathers, kuchi coins and pendants, abalone shells, crystals, and, of course, cowrie shells.

The best feature of these Cowry Shell Hair Falls is that they all come with removeable Clippy Bits (TM), that can be removed and switched for other accent styles to match your current bellydance costume or even used in combination with other costume pieces, such as kuchi belts, bras, hair sticks, and much more.

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CHF5 Blue Cowry Falls w/ Peacock Feathers

Blue Cowry Falls with Peacock Feather

These Hair Falls use blue cotton cording with 3 rows of cowrie shells. Featuring silver-tone beads and hand-blown glass beads. The peacock feather and coin bottom is a large Clippy Bit to remove, interchange, or combine with other accent pieces.

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Hair Falls w/Peacock Feathers-SOLD

Custom Hair Falls for Frankie

Custom-designed Hair Falls for Frankie of Tribal Manna with lovely iridescent peacock feathers and abaolone shells, plus coral and turquoise beads. These Hair Falls make a lovely addition to Frankie's Tribal Fusion Bellydance costumes.

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CHF12 Natural/Bone Cowry Hair Falls-SOLD

Natural Bone Cowry Hair Falls

Hair Falls made with natural hemp cording and 2 rows of cowry shells with hand carved African Bone beads, wood beads, glass beads and hand-carved bone disks. The bone disk and beaded bottom piece is a Large Clippy Bit. 17" long not including the hair bands.

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CHF2 Gold Cowry Shell Hair Falls-SOLD

Gold Cowry Shell Hair Falls

These Hair Falls are 14-1/2" long, not including hair band (included). This set features two rows of cowries, bitty bells, silver-tone beads, hand-blown black glass beads with red and white accents and black clay beads with coral inlay.

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CHF4 Black Cowry Hair Falls-SOLD

Black Cowry Hair Falls

These Hair Falls are 25" long, not including hair band (included). They include two rows of cowry shells on hemp cord, accented with silver-tone beads, hand-blown glass beads in swirl, green, and blue. The tassels and beaded bottoms are Large Clippy Bits.

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Off White/Natural Hair Falls-SOLD

Off White/Natural Hair Falls

These Hair Falls are 24-1/2" long and made with Natural colored cotton cord with two rows of cowries, wood beads, terra cotta beads, hand carved African Bone beads and cotton and wool tassels. The tassels and beaded bottoms are Large Clippy Bits.

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Azhia's Custom Hair Falls

Another special order Hair Fall Set, this one for Azhia with a pink tassel and decorative metal beads.


Custom Hair Falls for Jenna of Hipnosis

NEW! This lovely pair of cowry hair falls, custom-made for Jenna of Hipnosis, features ample cowry shells separated by transparent beads with a Banjara ball bell and recycled sari yarn tassel at the bottom. 29" long!

Hair Falls in Action with Crystal

Mahira, a satisfied customer from writes,

"Wow! I think that was the fastest shipping ever! I got them today! They are absolutely beautiful! The pictures do not do them justice. The feathers are amazing also. Thank you. I am very happy. I know I'll be looking you up when I want others. I've already sent your info to a friend of mine. I LOVE them! I can't wait to wear them. Thank you so much."

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